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Mar 18, 2019

In this episode:

  • Acknowledge the dream in you

  • Feeling far from your goals

  • Excited vs overwhelmed

  • Reframing your mindset to be inspired

I’m pretty PUMPED you are here today because I want to talk about something that will really hit home for you as I know it does for SO many women including myself. This concept of labeling that space between where we are now and where we want to go, and what happens if we MISlabel it. Sometimes we label it as intimidating, while other times we label it as inspiring. I think it is really powerful that we can choose to reframe our mindset to how we WANT to label it and I wanted to go into a bit more detail for you today. As always, can’t wait to hear what you think, so tag me on Instagram or slide into those DMs girl!



“I can let that space inspire me… if I label it that way, I’m excited, I’m passionate, and I wanna chase my dreams.”

“I think a lot of events are neutral, and we create the meaning.”

“The person that I’m becoming in pursuit of the goal is what it’s all about.”

“This dream’s not in you by accident.”