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May 21, 2020

In this episode:

  • Letting go of other’s opinions & the expectations of society

  • Putting your own dreams & desires above others

  • Believing that your path is your own & no one else's

  • Building & sticking to your own achievement system

Hey girl!!

I am so excited you’re here today for this short & juicy episode that I think is going to be super powerful for you!

We’re talking about who’s rules you’re playing by, what achievement system you’re tapping into and if all of that is even working for you.

This idea came to me after our last weekly virtual Happy Hour with the members of our global personal development community, The Collective.

One of our incredible members, Angelica, shared one of her own personal wins about how she came to the realization that her goals for building a side business didn’t have to be massive or the same as others who were building similar businesses.

She knew where her passion was, with teaching, and she was proud of herself for admitting that she didn’t want the same thing that others did. I just know, there is NOTHING like that feeling of owning who you are, what your goals are, & realizing you don’t have to play by anybody else’s rules.

I think you are so going to LOVE this one & I can’t wait to hear what you think girlfriend!   



“So often we don’t even realize, that we’re often playing this part to a script that was written for us that we didn’t even want to be part of, or we’re setting goals based off of other people’s achievement systems that we don’t even want.”

“It helps you get this anxiety down, you don’t feel as anxious or frazzled about the speed at which you’re getting to your goals when you realize, direction is more important than speed.”

“If you are letting someone else’s opinion, or society’s expectations, or your mentors goals for you, or your peers goals for you, dictate your goals & what you’re doing with your life, then is it really even your life?” 



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